The Twitch of the Eye: What Causes Eye Twitching

Eye Twitch May Equal Wink

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In some cultures, it’s considered good luck. But typically to the person suffering from it, it’s just considered annoying.

The irritating, uncontrollable…

eye twitch.


A villain we all know, some all too well.

Could you imagine sitting in a job interview for a company you really want to work for? And as you sit there, you make direct eye contact with you hopefully future boss, and just as you finish telling him what a great asset you’d be to his team *twitch twitch* goes your eye. And now you’re left thinking, “Oh goodness. He thinks I just winked at him!”

What is an Eye Twitch?

The truth is eye twitching, often referred to as myokymia, is a muscle contraction. And like most all other contractions, this one too is completely involuntary. It’s a small twitch which typically takes place in your lower lid, and though it may feel like everyone can see it, it’s usually hardly noticeable.

Why is My Eye Twitching?

The specific cause of eye twitches is unknown but it is most usually triggered by:

-Eye Strain
-Dehydration from alcohol or caffeine
– Dry Eyes
– Nutritional imbalances

How to Stop an Eye Twitch?

Eye twitching happens spontaneously, and usually the condition is not regarded as threatening. However, if you have concern about or discomfort in your eye, you should schedule an appointment with your optometrist.

A typical eye twitch, however, can be dissolved if you take care of the reason causing it.

Eye strain, stress, and fatigue can be cured with rest and meditation.

Allergies and nutritional imbalances can be addressed by a visit with your primary physician.

Dry eyes are something you may want to speak to your optometrist about at your next eye exam.

And dehydration, instead of coffee and alcohol beverages, bottoms up on water and drinks that contain electrolytes.

So, before heading to your next job interview/date/public speech/client meeting, take a moment to breathe, eat a healthy snack with your allergy medicine, and shut your eyes and take a little nap!

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