3 Sweet Reasons to Cut Back on Sugar for Better Eye Health


The holiday season usually means in influx of all things sweet: sugary pies, cookies, homemade candies, and other delicious treats. They fill our homes, the buffet tables, and our bellies, for better or worse.

We all know that processed sugar isn’t good for our waistlines, but did you know that too much sugar could actually affect your eye health in significant ways? Here are three good reasons why you may want to consider watching your sugar intake as it relates to your eyes:

1. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes, which hurts your vision.

One of the first symptoms a diabetic experiences is changes in his or her vision. Diabetes can not just alter your vision permanently but also even lead to blindness. People with this disease are 25 times more likely to go blind than non-diabetic people. Diabetic retinopathy is often a slow, progressive part of diabetes where the blood vessels around the retina begin to weaken, negatively impacting the vision in an irreversible way.

2. Too much sugar dries out your eyes.

Too much sugar can actually cry out your eyes, which can make your contact lenses especially uncomfortable, among other things. According to some researchers, increasing water intake can help offset this problem, but the damage the sugar is doing to your eyes really is best addressed by cutting the substance out.

3. Too much sugar makes you vulnerable to Advanced Macular Degeneration.

Studied have shown that people who eat more high-glycemic-index foods in their regular diets are more likely to have signs of Advanced Macular Degeneration in at least one eye. The study identified a correlation between blood sugar spikes (likely from foods high in sugar or corn syrup) and poor eye health.

4. Too much sugar lessens your immune response.

Generally, your body has a hard time fighting any disease it’s faced with when your system has too much sugar in it. Sugar has a negative impact on your immune system, making it more difficult to battle everything your system encounters, from the common cold to the flu to more significant viruses. For optimal immune system performance, sugar should be consumed in intense moderation.


If you know that you consume a lot of sugar, it’s a good idea to make sure you are getting regular eye exams. Although every two years is the commonly recommended exam schedule for an adult under the age of 65, those with diabetes or at high risk for the condition should plan to have their eyes examines more regularly. Talk to  your doctor at your closest America’s Best retailer if you think you may be suffering from any type of vision changes, or if you simply want to learn more about keeping your eyes healthy.

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