3 Ways Contacts Make Winter Easier on Your Eyes

I remember a few years ago, on a ski trip to Colorado, the temperatures at the top of the mountain were so cold, it made it almost uncomfortable to open my eyes. They were so sensitive to the frigid air I thought my contact lenses would freeze right to my eyeballs.

But, the chance of that happening is just about nil. Contact lenses won’t freeze and are actually a great choice for the winter. They can help keep your eyes comfortable even when it’s cold outside.

In fact, wearing contact lenses in the winter makes a whole lot of sense for a variety of reasons.

Here are just three of them:

1) Contacts Don’t Fog Up!

If you’ve ever worn your glasses from the cold into a heated building, you likely know why contacts are a great choice for winter. Glasses that move from cold to warm temperatures quickly can fog up–making it a challenge to see through them until you stop and wipe them off. (Or, until you purchase an anti-fog lens coating!). If you ski or participate in outdoor winter sports you’ll especially appreciate the ability to go inside the lodge, remove fogged-up sunglasses and still be able to see where you are going.

2) Contacts Can Offer UV Protection

Let’s be honest, it’s easier to remember to protect our eyes from the sun when the sun is hot! I wouldn’t think about leaving the house in the summer without my favorite pair of designer sunglasses. But, in the winter, I feel like I can make it for the short stints that I’m outside without my shades if need be. More and more contact lens manufacturers are putting UV protection right into the contact lenses to protect your eyes from the sun year-round when you forget your sunglasses or when it’s not quite sunny enough to need sunglasses, yet the UV rays are still getting through those clouds.

3) Contacts Make it Easier to Keep Your Face Warm

Glasses in the winter can sometimes be cold! When the temperatures drop so low that everything in site is frozen, your glasses are going to absorb some of that coldness too. To me, trying to keep glasses on with my scarf wrapped around my nose and my hat pulled down to my ears is a winter challenge I’d prefer to avoid. Contact lenses even make it easier to wear a full ski mask if you want to! (Though I prefer to avoid the bank robber look, many men rely on those masks when shoveling snow.)

Ready to see if contact lenses can make your life easier this winter? Talk to your America’s Best optometrist about trying a sample pair!

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