3D Technology – Another Reason You May Need Contacts

The 3D craze is everywhere and it looks like it’s here to stay!  Yet another 3D movie seems to open in theaters every month.  If you can afford it, you can easily get a 3D television for your home, a 3D laptop, smartphone, tablet or game console!

The History of 3D Technology

3D technology isn’t new.  It has actually been around longer than our TVs have –since the early 1900s.  A man named Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the process he coined as stereopsis – which is essentially disassembling how the mind sees a three dimensional object into two separate pictures.  You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve stared at a 3D movie without the glasses or seen a 3D book.  In order to get the 3 dimensional effect two similar images are used and placed one on top of each other.

How 3D Works

So what do your eyes do in the process?  To work together to see the image as 3 dimensional they have to, essentially, take turns.  Each eye gets a chance to focus on its own image and then the two eyes put them together for a full picture.  Remember the old red and blue lens 3D glasses?  These were designed so that one eye could separate out one image, and the other eye, a separate image.

New 3D Glasses

Although new technology doesn’t require the old red and blue lenses, it still requires glasses for the short term.  New 3D glasses that help you view your home 3D television for example, use a system where the glasses are synced to your television and quickly (so much so you don’t notice) they open and close to allow you to see and process the different versions of the same image.

If you love the effect of 3D movies, contact lenses will probably make it easier for you to enjoy your enhanced viewing experience, at least in the short term.  Some technology moguls say that your 3D experience may not require glasses at some point in the future – but that’s probably at least a few years away.

Improve Your Experience with Contacts

When you wear 3D glasses over your contact lenses it’s very easy to see and enjoy your enhanced viewing experience.  Your contact lenses respond in the exact same ways that your eyes would, working with the 3D glasses and allowing you to enjoy the game or movie.  Whereas, wearing 3D glasses over your glasses can be uncomfortable, distracting and feel bulky.

If 3D is your thing and you want to try some contact lenses to enhance your viewing experience, ask your closest America’s Best optometrist if contact lenses may be right for you!

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