5 Reasons Why Contact Lenses Are Perfect For Summer

Thinking about switching to contact lenses this summer? There are many advantages to wearing lenses year round, but especially in the summer months.

contact lenses summer

Check out these reasons why:

Double the UV Protection

Did you know that several contact lens brands offer built in UV protection? Pair your contact lenses with a great, designer sunglasses frame with ophthalmic quality UVA/UVB protection in the lenses and your eyes are doubly protected from the sun’s harmful rays. But, the good news is, you still look cool.

Contacts are Cool in the Pool

Let’s be real, wearing glasses in the pool is kind of a drag. You can get some neat prescription goggles if you have no other option, but contacts are so much easier. They allow you to freely swim, play pool volleyball, or even jump off the high dive without having to give your eyewear a second thought.

Sweaty and Glasses Don’t Mix.

When it’s hot outside and the sweat is pouring from every pore on your face, you may have a problem with your glasses. That is: getting them to stay up. We’ve all played the “push the glasses back up” game when the sweat was running down our noses. It’s not enjoyable. Contact lenses are cooler because there is nothing to sit on your face and add to the heat generation.

No More Climate Change Glasses Fog

You step out of your air-conditioned home onto your front porch to catch the mail lady before she pulls away, and boom. It happens. You can’t see a single thing. Your glasses that were clear a second ago, have now steamed up because of the muggy and hot temperatures outside.

It takes eyeglass lenses a few minutes to adjust to different climates (though you now can get an-anti-fog coating on many lenses). But, with contacts you don’t have that problem. You can walk outside in the muggy heat and come right back in and still see just fine.

More Sunglasses Style Options

Transitions lenses are fantastic for people who wear glasses and want a frame that can turn into a tinted frame when necessary. But, high style designer sunglasses frames may not have the same stylish effect if worn as a regular, every day pair of eyeglasses.Transition lenses certainly have their benefits but for those with their eyes set on the latest trendy sunglasses frame, this is another option.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your closest America’s Best and ask about trying contacts this summer!

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