A Summer Vacation Must Have

summer-vacation-contactsGoing on vacation this summer?

I’m sure you’ve packed all the essentials.  You’ve got your suntan lotion, that cute new swimsuit, a wide brimmed hat, and that new novel you haven’t had a minute to crack open yet…

But there’s one item that could make your summer vacation easier and maybe even a little bit more enjoyable.  And, you may not have even thought about it as an option to take along with you.  That item: disposable, extended wear contact lenses!

Ease of Use

Extended wear contacts are, essentially, lenses designed for you to wear all day and all night non-stop.  Practically, this means you don’t have to fool with cleaning solutions and cases (it’s a pain to get those liquids through airline security!).  If you are flying for an extended period of time, maybe changing time zones or flying over night, you don’t have to worry about getting your contacts out, disinfecting them overnight, or keeping track of how long you’ve had them in!

I much prefer to wear extended wear lenses on vacation.  In addition to the ease of not having to pack your solutions and keep track of cases and saline bottles, the fact that you can see all day and night is something I really appreciate when I’m away from home.  Waking up in a hotel or vacation home is unfamiliar and the fact that I can see when I open my eyes in the middle of the night to find the bathroom or help a crying child, is a feature I appreciate!

Different Brands

There are a few different brands of extended wear contact lenses to choose from.  One popular brand is called AIR OPTIX.  The great thing about AIR OPTIX is they have what they call “TriComfort” techonology.  What this means is the lenses are comfortable because of three features.  Namely: the lenses are breathable (they let oxygen flow in and out of your eye so your eye feels “normal”), they retain moisture (no one likes dried out eyes!), and they resist deposits (so you don’t have gunk build up!).

Trial Pair

If you’ve never tried extended wear contacts, ask your optometrist about them right away! You may even be able to get a free trial pair of you want to try them but not sure you’ll like them.  (I think you will!).  America’s Best has some unbeatable prices on all the greatest brands of extended wear and other contact lenses.   Check them out before you head out of town!

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