Why do people ages 25-44 wear contacts the most?

file1451261239011Did you know that there is one segment of the population that wears contact lenses more than any other? Your first guess may be the younger generation – children ages 18-24, but you’d be wrong! According to the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control, ten percent of contact lens wearers are under 18 years old, 15% are between ages 18-24, 50% are between ages 25-44, and 25% are age 45 or older.

Here are three reasons why we think people ages 25-44 wear contact lenses the most:

  1. Their active lifestyle makes contact lenses the easier option: Those in the 25-44 age group are working – sometimes a lot! In addition to holding steady careers, those in this age group are most likely to be married (or on their way to the altar), to have children and to be juggling demands of career and family. Contact lenses are a lifestyle convenience for those in this age group who always seem to be ‘on the go.’ They enjoy the luxury of popping in a pair of lenses in the morning, being able to see well all day, and then taking the lenses out in the evening. Also, those in this age group know that their eyes are still changing, so they want to avoid any permanent vision adjustment options.
  1. They want to hold on to their youthful appearance—which means a glasses-free look: Though glasses are stylish and can be a fashion statement, many in the 25-44 year old demographic may still feel that wearing glasses is an ‘older’ look. They want to hang on to their youthfulness, and hide the fact that they need any vision correction at all. For this reason, they choose contact lenses.
  1. They have the income to afford the convenience of contact lenses. People in this age bracket may also find themselves in a more financially comfortable situation than younger people. They may not yet feel the looming pressure of saving for retirement or helping a child pay for college as some in the next age demographic might. For this reason, they can afford the luxury of extended wear contact lenses. Others choose lenses like one-day disposables because they are so easy to care for. Those in this age demographic are most apt to choose the convenience of contact lenses because they spend money on solutions to make their lives easier.

Are you 25-44 and not wearing contact lenses yet? You should really ask your America’s Best optometrist whether or not a switch to contacts would be best for your lifestyle!

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