How to Use the AIR OPTIX COLORS Color Studio

Air Optix Colors Color StudioHave you ever wondered how you would look with a different eye color? Are you curious as to how colored contact lenses would look on you? Then you have to try the AIR OPTIX COLORS Color Studio! I tried it and found it easy to use (and a lot of fun too!).

Here’s how you use it.

First: Go to the AIR OPTIX COLORS Color Studio and press the blue button that says “Enter Studio.” Then you’ll be sent into the AIR OPTIX COLORS Color Studio. Look over the nine gorgeous shades of contact lenses that AIR OPTIX offers. Press the “Enter Studio” button to get started with your virtual makeover.

Next, decide if you want to try the lenses on for yourself, or see how they look on one of the AIR OPTIX models. I recommend you try them on for yourself. You can either use an up-close photo of your face you already have, one from Facebook, or just use the camera on your device to snap a photo. If you wear glasses, make sure you take them off before you take your photo.

Now it’s time to make sure your photo has loaded right into the photo box. You can adjust the size of your eyes or your lips if the computer outline has not appropriately sized them.

Next, choose your favorite contact lens color and try them on! If they don’t seem to sit right in your eyes, then go back and readjust your eye size. You can choose from subtle looks like gray, blue, hazel, green or brown. If you are looking for something more dramatic, choose a more vibrant look like Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, Honey or Gemstone Green.

Not sure what color is for you?

Push the “expert pick” button and have AIR OPTIX choose a color they think may match your skin tone well.

When you change your eye color, you may need a new make-up look too. AIR OPTIX has you covered! All you have to do now is click the “Customize Your Look” tab, and you can choose a make-up look you love. Have fun experimenting!

Finally: Finish your look with a frame or a filter for your photo. If you want to save it or share it with friends on Facebook, you can do that too! If you’re loving how the color contacts look, sign up before Dec. 31 to win a FREE annual supply of AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses!

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