Top 4 Reasons to Join the Contact Lens Auto Reorder Program

Contact lens caseDid you know that America’s Best offers a convenient way to make sure you always have a fresh pair of contact lenses when you need them? If you join the America’s Best Auto Reorder Program, you can set up auto shipments of your monthly, daily, or weekly lenses on a dependable schedule. Here are a few other reasons why you should join the contact lens Auto Reorder Program, today!

  1. You Don’t Need One More Thing to Remember.

Your life is full of details already; why not take “order new contacts” off of that mental to do list? With the Auto Reorder Program, you never have to worry about running out of contact lenses. You also don’t have to concern yourself with counting the number of lenses you have left. Your automatic shipment will be calculated based on the type of contact lens you wear. Then you’ll know that fresh contacts are on their way to you exactly when you need them. Bonus: Joining the Auto Reorder Program also means you’ll get an annual reminder of when it’s time for your contact lens exam to renew your prescription. Use that brain space for something else!

  1. You Do Want to Save Money.

Instead of paying for your contact lenses once a year, why not spread out that charge to pay for the lenses only when you need them. If you decide to wear your eyeglasses for a few weeks, or slow down your contact lens wear during allergy season, you can adjust your auto-ship date to only pay for the lenses when you’re ready for them. If you wear daily or weekly contact lenses, the savings can really add up because you pay only when you need the lenses.

  1. You Can’t Beat the Convenience of Delivery.

You don’t need one more errand to run. Having contacts delivered straight to your door through the Auto Reorder Program will save you more time and money because you won’t have to make a trip to the store to pick up your lenses.

  1. No One Likes to Run Out of Contacts.

Almost every contact lens wearer has likely experienced the frustration of opening the bathroom drawer or cabinet and finding out that they’re all out of contact lenses. For me it used to happen after I had already thrown away my last pair. Joining the Auto Reorder Program helps keep that from happening! Now you can confidently throw away the old pair because the new ones are waiting.

You can have this type of confidence, too! To join the Auto Reorder Program, simply sign up while you’re purchasing your contact lenses online and select the auto-renew option during checkout. You can also sign up after visiting your America’s Best store for your eye exam or by calling our Customer Care associates.

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