Brown Eyes Rule

Brown Eyes ContactsDid you know that brown is not only the most common eye color in the United States, but globally, more people have brown eyes than any other eye color?

Why is brown so common a color? Well, it mostly has to do with genetics and the dominance of the brown eye gene.

So, what is great about brown eyes?  Aside from their dramatic look and perceived intensity, studies have shown that people with brown eyes are perceived to be more trustworthy.  This especially applies to men.  Of course, a new study from the University of Czechoslovakia in the Czech Republic attributes that trustworthiness more to the facial design most common to people with brown eyes.  But, this brown-eyed girl is going to stick with the original theory — I think it’s all in the eye color!

Myths About Eye Color

Unlike some of my brown-eyed peers, I won’t exaggerate my eye color’s advantages. For years many people claimed that people with brown eyes were less sensitive to light and the sun because the thin layer of brown pigmentation protected the iris. But, this probably isn’t true. It’s important for people of all eye colors to wear sunglasses and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sadly, it’s also not true that people with brown eyes have better vision than people with blue eyes.  Ironically, this is case and point at my house! I have a heavy prescription for vision correction for my dark eyes (I need contacts or glasses to see my hand in front of my face!). Yet, my husband is light-eyed and 20/20.

Change Your Eye Color

Advantage or no advantage, some people just want to be brown-eyed for the fun of it!  And, colored contact lenses can make that happen if you’ve always wanted to be Van Morrison’s “Brown-Eyed Girl” or if you are a man and think some brown peepers might be a fun change from your baby blues or greens.

To see how you’d look with a new, darker eye color, ask your optometrist at your closest America’s Best retailer about Freshlook ColorBlends which are available in both brown and honey colors.  Freshlook Colorblends Toric lenses are also available.  These lenses are actually the only colored contacts available for people with astigmatism.

Don’t need vision correction? No problem. Freshlook ColorBlends can also be ordered without a prescription. Just make sure you visit your optometrist to have them properly fitted before ordering.

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