Can Contacts Make You Look Younger?

Have you ever seen one of those “Look Ten Years Younger” makeovers? In some ways I find them amazing. In less than an hour the stylists take an otherwise frumpy looking older woman and they turn her into a much more youthful and stylish version of herself.


Okay, maybe not that young.

There are a few key things that they usually do to help a woman who is aged before her time. They often color her hair and give her a fresher hair style. Then they choose some new clothing for her that fits better and looks more in line with today’s styles. Finally, in a lot of cases, they replace her outdated eyeglasses with some contact lenses.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Glasses don’t have to make you look old. In fact, in some cases glasses can make you look younger. (Choosing the right shape and style of frame for your face plays a huge role in this!)

But, if you are stuck in a rut, wearing the same style frame that you’ve worn since your thirties, and you want to freshen up your look a bit. Then, maybe it’s time to try on some contact lenses!

In many cases, it’s amazing what a difference it makes when you take the glasses off and can see the person’s whole face without anything obstructing the view. For women, a pair of contact lenses and some new eye make-up can give you an entirely fresh and more youthful look. You could even choose a pair of contact lenses with an accent color that will intensify your natural color (without changing it) in order to make those eyes really pop. For men, a glasses-free look can also add an air of youthfulness.

If you aren’t so sure if you’d like contact lenses, ask your America’s Best optometrist for a trial pair. Then you can see if you like the feel of being glasses free. If your prescription is more complicated or you are already wearing bifocals or progressive lenses in your glasses, don’t worry! Contact lenses can accommodate most of those prescriptions too.

Let’s be real, everyone knows that after a certain age we all need some vision help. But, if you are wearing contact lenses, you may be able to fool the masses into thinking you haven’t quite reached that age yet!

Ask your closest America’s Best optometrist if contact lenses may be a good option for you.

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