When To Ask Your Optometrist About Changing Contact Lenses

Have you been wearing the same brand of contact lenses for what seems like forever? If so, it may be time to update! Contact lens technology changes constantly. Lens manufacturers try to keep up with the lifestyles of their wearers and make fantastic improvements that make wearing lenses even more comfortable.

Is it time for you to ask your optometrist about changing contact lenses?

Here are a few cases where you should ask for a contact lens change:

  1. MOST IMPORTANTLY! You can’t see well through them anymore.
    If you are wearing your glasses more frequently because you see better through them than through your contact lenses, it’s time to talk to your doctor about a change. You should be able to see well just as well through your contacts.
  2. Your current contact lenses aren’t comfortable anymore.
    If you’ve opened a new package of lenses and you don’t get that “Ahhh” sensation that comes with putting in a fresh pair, than perhaps it’s time to try a new brand of lenses. Fit, moisture-retention, and a variety of other issues could be at play in the comfort of your lenses so go and see your optometrist to find out why your eyes aren’t happy with the current lenses.
  3. Your current contact lenses won’t make it through the day with you.
    If your contact lenses start out comfortable, but teeter out on you hours before your day is done, then talk to your optometrist about changing brands or switching to a different type of lens, such as a daily wear lens. You need a pair of lenses that suit your lifestyle, and with all the different options out there, there’s no need to settle for lenses that only make it through part of your day.
  4. file3851240945812You have problems with the lenses.
    Some brands of contacts fit some eyes better than others. I’ve noticed that certain brands of lenses will dry out on my faster and then fold up in my eye or pop out as I try to blink them into place. If you constant have issues with your lenses not staying put or if you have a hard time getting them in, then it may be time for you to talk to your optometrist about trying a new brand of contact lenses.

Talk to your America’s Best optometrist about what brands of lenses may best suit your lifestyle and get a trial for a new type of lens! You may find another brand even more comfortable than the brand you are currently wearing.

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