How Seeing Different Colors Can Impact Your Mood

We should thank our eyes for processing the variations in light that help us see colors. The effects of color on our life goes far beyond the way our eyes process light. Colors impact our mood, attitude, how we feel and even how much we eat! Ancient civilizations like the Chinese and Egyptians were so convinced that colors had an impact on the human psyche that they actually used colors to heal the body.

Here are some of the ways different colors impact our mood:

colors impact you: blueBlue

If I asked you to name something blue, chances are your first response would be the sky or the ocean. For this reason, most of us associate the color blue with calmness and serenity. We feel peaceful when we stare at the color blue. This is why blue is a great color to paint your bedroom or office wall. If you want your children to sleep more peacefully, consider making blue the primary color on their walls too. But be careful! Choose too dark of a hue and your blue could give you the blues! Experts say the darkest shades of blue can make you feel depressed.


Looking at the color red can also make you hungry, so some interior designers suggest you use it in your dining room where you want to encourage eating. Red also stimulates your body, increasing heart rate and how fast you’re breathing. That’s likely why it seems that red cars go faster on the roads or why wearing red clothing makes you appear passionate.


Yellow wakes us up! Chromotherapy is a modern way to heal the body, showing how colors impact us and can make us feel a totally different way. Chromotherapy therapists will use the color yellow to stimulate the nerves and purify the body.

colors impact you: orangeOrange

The color orange fills us with zest (pun intended). This luscious color inspires energy and vibrancy. Don’t make your kitchen orange if you want to lose weight. Some say that the color can also make you hungry.


Black is the color of aggression. Some people can feel depressed when surrounded by this hue that isn’t actually a color. If you’re looking to add more happiness to your day, avoid situations where you’re in surroundings where the dominant color is black.


Want to be more efficient and accomplish more throughout the day? Paint your office green. Green is the color of productivity. Green is also a restful color for the eye, which is exactly what your eyes need after staring at a screen or documents all day long.

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