Care Tips for Contact Lenses

You’ve been to the eye doctor and gotten your contact lens prescription.

Now you will want to properly care for them in order to protect your eyes.  As a reminder, here are the top five tips for caring for your contact lenses:


Make sure to only put in and remove contact lenses with clean hands.  Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a clean towel.  Otherwise, you risk icky dirt or grime getting in your contact lens and coming into contact with your eyes.


Your eye doctor should recommend a solution that will work best for your lenses and eyes.  Make sure to not change the solution without consulting your eye doctor and always keep an eye on the packaging to make sure it is not expired.  The time it takes to read the instructions carefully and consult the manufacturer guidelines is important so that you make sure you are using the solution properly.  Make sure the tip of the container doesn’t come into contact with anything so as to not contaminate it before it goes on your lens.

Many people think it is okay to use water or saliva to wet your contact lenses, but this can be risky.  Tap water has chemicals in it and saliva can spread germs or an infection to your eye.

Also, you can keep your contact lenses from being exposed to dust by placing them in solution completely immersed and closing the storage case tightly.  This will make sure to keep any dust or particles from getting into the solution and the lens.  Any outside particles or residue can cause the lens to irritate your eye.


For those of you who wear makeup, there are

Photo by Steven DePolo

some good pointers on how to keep makeup and moisturizers away from your contact lenses.  These things can irritate your eye if they get on your lenses.  You can start by checking your makeup to see if it has any notation about use with contact lenses.  Some companies are making their products more compatible with lenses, so it is worth an extra look.

Also, to avoid exposure to chemicals in makeup, you should always put in your contact lenses before applying makeup and remove your contacts before removing makeup.  That way, you make sure your hands are clean and don’t have any residue from the products on them.


This is one time where sharing is not the right thing to do.  Your prescription contact lenses are for you and you should never share them with someone else.  Even if they are not prescription, there are still ways to share germs and infection, which means that it is never a good idea.  Contact lenses are available online and in stores to easily order and buy.


You should always replace your contacts in the recommended time based on the instructions from the manufacturer and your eye doctor.  Wearing contact lenses longer than you should can irritate your eyes and cause issues.  You should also replace solution and lens cases regularly so that eyes stay healthy and free of possible irritants.

Your eyes are sensitive and need to be cared for properly.  Since your contact lenses touch your eyes, it is just as important to care for the lenses as well.  If you have any questions, consult your eye doctor.

Remember that if you experience any problems with your vision, you should consult an eye care professional immediately.  By using these tips, you can make sure to safely handle your contact lenses and take good care of your eyes.

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