Contact Lenses: How Young Is Too Young?

I can easily remember being 12 and absolutely hating my eyeglasses. This was no fault of my eyeglasses, at the time, however. I fully and completely blame my father, who would buy frames he considered fashionable and timeless.

Needless to say, my 6th grade peers did not agree. And every time I looked in the mirror at my polished gold metal frames with my tortoiseshell arms, I silently wished I too would get bit by a radioactive spider and wake up with perfect 20/20 vision…and rock hard abs, but that’s a different story.

Don’t get me wrong. Eyeglasses are an amazing accessory. But only when you can express your own style with them. And the frame styles, material options or even the trendy looks just weren’t around when I was growing up. And so more than anything, as a pre-teen in the 90s, I wanted contact lenses.

But what is the right age to get contact lenses?

Contact lenses are not a light matter. They’re a huge responsibility, because not only do they affect your vision but the way you take care of them can also affect your health.

But with that said, as parents, I think you know when your child is ready to take on something of that value. Things from riding a bike, to learning how to drive a car are all a part of growing up and as parents, you can sense when the time is right to let go.

That same sense kicks in when your kid(s) want contact lenses. You can easily assess your child’s seriousness towards responsibility and determine whether they should buy a new a pair of trendy eyeglasses for kids or go ahead and take on wearing contact lenses.

Keep in mind, most kids will ask for contact lenses when they themselves think they’re ready. So, if your kid is asking for contacts, chances are they’ve thought about it and have found a need and are willing to take on the responsibility that comes with having that need fulfilled.

To learn more about the different types of contact lenses and the best suited for your kid, schedule an appointment with your local optometrist.

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