Could My Contact Be Inside Out?

Ask America's best icon for blogDear America’s Best,

Sometimes when I put my contact lenses in they don’t feel quite right. I know they are clean. I’m wearing a new pair of lenses even, but sometimes they just don’t seem to sit on my eyeball correctly.

I’m wondering: Could my contacts be on inside out? Does this happen? Or, would I not be able to see clearly out of them if this were the case? Thanks for your help.

Jill in Georgia

Dear Jill,

Your contacts could certainly be inside out, especially if you’re wearing a fresh pair of lenses. Some lenses have laser identifcation markings that allows you to see if the lens is sitting correctly (when you can read the letters or numbers correctly you know that your lens is right side in). Unfortunately, many lenses don’t have this feature. So how can you tell the difference?

First, put the lens on your finger and hold your finger at eye level so you can examine it from the side. If you see the side pointed up with the top edges turned in, forming a “U” shape, then that is the correct side. If the lens looks more like it has a rim around it, and the top edges are flared out (like a rimmed cereal bowl), then your lens is probably inside out.

If I put my contact in and it still feels uncomfortable, I take it out to give it a quick shot of saline into the middle of the lens. If the saline makes it fold inwards I often know that I had the lens correct. If the saline sends the sides repelling away from each other, like the lens wants to flip itself around, then it’s probably inverted.

Soft contact lenses are extremely light and pliable, and can be difficult for first-time wearers to get accustomed to. At America’s Best, one of our opticians will give each new contact wearer a contact insertion & removal class to teach you helpful tips and tricks like this one.

I hope this helps you! If it continues to be a problem, ask your optometrist about trying a different brand of lenses or for other tricks to make sure you put them in correctly!

Thanks for your question!

 – Dr. John Bankowski

John Bankowski, O.D.

John Bankowski headshotDr. John Bankowski is the clinical director for National Vision, Inc. in Duluth, GA (parent company of America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses). He received his Doctor of Optometry degree at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and became a supervising doctor in the Washington D.C. area. After 10 years in this position, he assumed the position of clinical director for National Vision.

In addition to his duties as the clinical director, he holds 20 active licenses and is the president of 6 Doctor Exchanges, offering doctor support to America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses and other National Vision entities throughout the country.

He enjoys traveling to exotic locations throughout the world and is an avid scuba diver and skier. He currently resides in Washington D.C.

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