Did You Remember to Change Your Contact Lenses?

change contact lens tipsWhether you have chosen daily contact lenses, monthly, weekly, or a more durable lens designed to be worn for months at a time, it’s important that you change your contact lenses on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule!

So how do you remember when it’s time to change your lenses?

I wear lenses designed to be worn for about a month at a time.  But, I’ll be honest with you. Most of the time it’s a challenge to remember to change them.  I’ll open a new pair of lenses at the beginning of the month and think to myself, “Oh, this is easy, I’ll just remember to put new lenses at the beginning of next month.” 

But, then, about the 10th of the next month I’ll start to notice that my lenses aren’t as clear as they used to be, and, only then do I remember that I should have put in a new pair a week ago!

Here are a few tips to help you (and me!) remember when to change our contact lenses.

Use a Calendar

Mark your calendar and set your “reminder” alarm for the day you should change them.  Most smart phones allow you to choose a precise time on that day for a reminder notice or sound –so choose the time you are most likely to be putting in your lenses.

Mark Your Lens Pack

Don’t like to use technology?  Well simply write the date on each individual lens pack.  So, for example, if you need to put in your next pair of lenses on March 1st, mark the lens package 3/1.

Write On Your Mirror

Grab a dry erase marker and put the date on the corner of your mirror where you put in your lenses.  It’ll clean off easily and will be a reminder every time you look at your reflection.

Set a Habit

Weekly wearer? Change your lenses on the same day of the week.  Always put in a new pair on Monday mornings for example and throw the old ones away on Sunday nights to help you remember.


If you wear Acuvue lenses you can also sign up for their program called Acuminder.  It’s a really neat system where you can enter your information and the Acuminder will send you text messages or email reminders to change your contact lenses, purchase new ones, and even when you are due for your next eye exam!

For your eye health, it’s really important to change those lenses on schedule.  So, use these tips and keep your vision clear and your eyes safe!

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