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America’s Best Eyecare Club

America's Best Eyecare Club

If you wear contact lenses, join the Eyecare Club to save big!

If you wear contacts, you know how expensive it can be – stocking up on contact lenses and getting an annual eye exam can really add up quickly. At America’s Best, it’s easy to save money when you wear contact lenses. Actually, we’re almost positive our Eyecare Club is the least expensive way to become a contact lens wearer.

Eyecare Club Benefits:

* FREE eye exams for the life of your membership* ($400+ value)
* 10% or more off all replacement contact lenses**
* 10% off all eyeglasses including designer frames in-store
* 10% off accessories in-store

You can get all of these benefits for just $99 for 3 years or $139 for 5 years. At some of our competitors, you’ll pay that much just for ONE contact lens eye exam. So you can easily see why our Eyecare Club is such a popular option and why our customers love it so much. It’s a great money saving option!

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