Eyecare: the Perfect Gift for That Hard-to-Shop-for Family Member


Are you tired of buying Aunt Linda yet another scarf? Are you wondering if dad really wants another dish for his spare change wrapped under the tree this year? Are you stumped as to what to get for your recent college grad whose new tastes you haven’t quite figured out yet?

Then look no further than your closest America’s Best retailer, and consider gifting family members with memberships to the America’s Best Eyecare Club!

When your loved one is signed up for the Eyecare Club, the benefits don’t just last for a season. In fact, they last for three years! For the low price of $99, your family member can have free eye exams and enjoy great discounts on contact lenses and glasses all year long.

Everyone needs to have their eyes checked regularly, right? But let’s be honest, sometimes those people we are close to don’t prioritize their eye health like they should. They put off caring for one of the most important parts of their bodies due to schedulingor financial problems (or maybe they just don’t like doctors), and they need a little extra help or motivation to get it done.

Well, this is it!

Less than $100 gets your loved one FREE regular contact lens and eyeglass exams. It also gets them a 10% discount on all of their contact lens and eyeglass purchases. (Every contact lens wearer knows the importance of backup glasses!) And the crazy thing is that the membership lasts for three years. How’s that for a long-lasting gift?

So, if you are tired of combing the stores and Googling “what to buy for the person who has everything,” end your shopping frustration here by telling your loved one that you are picking up the tab for an America’s Best Eyecare Club membership. Find the America’s Best location closest to them, and encourage them to make an appointment. It’s far more thoughtful than just giving cash or yet another trinket they don’t really want, because it shows that you care about their health and well being.

In fact, I’d bet that giving the gift of membership into the eyecare club might make that hard-to-buy-for person in your life even more joyful this holiday season. And it could put you in the running for relative of the year!

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