For Eye Health, Practice Not Sharing

It’s hard to be a parent sometimes. Rules that seem so absolute, like “Share!” when applied to favorite toys or playground equipment have to be contradicted when it comes to other things like toothbrushes or beverages owned by snotty-nosed preschoolers.

When it comes to preserving your eye health, you want to have a “No sharing!” policy too.

Contact lenses are the most dangerous item to share–to both users’ peril. Contact lenses are medically regulated devices and should never, ever be shared, even by two people who may have the same prescription. Sharing contacts can lead to eye disease and even vision loss because of bacteria and germs. In most cases someone willing to lend you his or her contact lenses, may not be the most diligent about cleaning those lenses creating an even more dangerous situation.

Did you know that sharing eye drops might also be a bad idea? Some people regularly touch the dropper to their lids allowing bacteria to get on the surface of the tip. This can mean an easy transfer to any other user.

Man Putting Eye Drops

Something else you may consider sharing, but shouldn’t: Mascara! I know, it seems like it only touches your lashes. But, to protect your eyes it’s best not to allow anyone else to use that tube. And, should you happen to contract an eye infection like pink eye then you’ll want to throw away the mascara you used when you first showed symptoms of the infection. Why? Because those little germs are on that mascara wand and can come back and get you a second (or third) time if you continue to use it.

The same applies to all make up you use around your eyes. Eye liner, eye creams that require you to put the tip of the bottle next to your eyes, or related products, If it comes into contact with your eye area, do not share.

Now, here’s another one you may not have considered before. For optimal eye health, make sure you aren’t sharing a towel or washcloth. I know that I hang my towel by our sink and I have children that sometimes use that towel (because it’s convenient) to dry their hands after a sub-par job washing them. Think of all the dirt and grime and other “yuck” they are depositing on my towel…Now, what would happen if I wiped my face, especially my eyes, on that same spot they dried with.

Yes, it’s gross to think about.

When it comes to your eyes, protect your vision with this important rule seen at buffet restaurants across America: No Sharing Allowed.

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