Halloween Eyes: Contact Lenses Can Be the Highlight of Your Costume

Specialty Contacts for Demons, Devils and the Undead

Halloween contacts at AmericasBest.comYou have an exciting Halloween party on the calendar, and want to have the best costume in the crowd. What’s the best way to do it? First, think outside the box to come up with a witty or unique costume. You can go fun, cute, spooky or just plain scary, but a great costume is the foundation to a great Halloween. The next step to making your Halloween even more memorable is to kick the creativity up one more notch. Try using a pair of contact lenses with theatrical effects this Halloween to make your costume unforgettable!

Never considered giving these specialty contacts a try? Special effects contact lenses (made by Gothika) are lenses that you wear just like your regular contact lenses. But similar to colored contacts, they have effects, colors and designs to make your eyes look totally different.

If you’re dreaming about a terrifying costume – maybe a demon, devil or the undead – your local America’s Best store can fit you for the perfect pair of specialty contact lenses to take your costume to the next level. America’s Best stores will even have some promotional displays so you can see your options and help you  figure out which pair coordinates best with your Halloween costume.

Gothika Halloween Costume ContactsDon’t worry if you don’t regularly wear contact lenses or don’t need any vision correction. Contact lenses are a medical device that you wear on your eyes, and you can schedule an appointment with an America’s Best optometrist that will provide you a prescription even if you don’t need vision correction. They are very comfortable to wear even if you’re not familiar with contacts. If you already have a contact lens prescription, an America’s Best associate can help you order your contacts in the correct prescription. (Remember: Contact lens prescriptions include the prescribed contact lens size, so it’s a little different than your glasses prescription). The special effects contact lenses are available in prescriptions as strong as -6.00, so be sure to purchase them through a licensed optometric retailer.

Whether you’re dreaming of being a witch or the Walking Dead, your Gothika contacts might even help you keep all your Halloween candy by scaring away all the trick-or-treaters! With your new specialty lenses, you can leave your glasses at home and scare the daylights out of your friends all night long!

Don’t wait until the next full moon to get this special Halloween accessory. Head on over to your America’s Best retailer today and find your perfect pair of specialty lenses. You won’t regret it. (But your friends  might!)

Gothika lenses are not kept in-stock in America’s Best stores, and have to be ordered. Turnaround time is usually 4-5 days.

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