Have You Considered Reading Glasses?


I understand you wear contact lenses because you don’t prefer to wear glasses. I get it. I’m in the same boat here on some days.

But, did you know that you may still benefit from having a certain type of glasses, even while wearing your contact lenses?

I’m talking about reading glasses.

You likely wouldn’t wear them all day, but they could help relieve eye strain.

My life revolves around reading and writing. With the amount of time I spend staring at small print and a lit-up computer screen combined with my fear of switching to bifocal contact lenses right now (I’ll be there in a few years), reading glasses are a great option for me.

The lenses in reading glasses are often just a slight magnification from your current prescription. Reading glasses designed for over your contact lenses will give your eyes a little extra help when staring at something close up, but won’t be comfortable enough for you to drive in. So, think of these glasses as the pair you keep by your computer or your night stand.

I’ve been using reading glasses for almost two decades. Before my optometrist recommended them, I suffered with a lot of dry eyes from all of my screen time. But now, wearing the glasses really does help relieve the strain.

The other cool thing about reading glasses is they give you an opportunity to sport a trendy designer eyeglass frame from time to time. Some studies show that people wearing eyeglasses are perceived as smarter. Why not keep a pair on hand and put them on when the boss walks by so he knows you are serious about your work?

There is one thing I wanted to mention though if you are thinking of reading glasses and were tempted to pick up a pair you saw at a drug or department store:

Dont do it!

Even though it may seem like the pair you grab helps a bit or even looks cute, you’ll want to make sure that you only wear reading glasses designed to go over the top of your specific contact prescription.

If you decide that reading glasses may be for you, talk to your closest America’s Best optometrist about the option. If you’ve already had an eye exam this year, getting a pair of reading glasses should not require another full eye examination. But you’ll want to get professionally made prescription glasses so you know they will help, not hurt, your vision.

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