Help! I’m Getting Married and I Need Contacts

A friend who recently got engaged told me she’s heading to America’s Best to get fitted for some brand new contact lenses. Why? She wants her wedding to be glasses-free!

Personally, I think she should wear her glasses for her wedding. They look great on her and her friends and family only know her with her glasses on. But, she’s ready to make the change and excited about how much easier wedding photos will be if she’s wearing her contact lenses.

Here’s the advice I’m giving her about making her big switch to contact lenses before the big day.

Step 1: Get fitted at least 7 weeks before the big day!

Most people adjust to contact lenses within a week or two. But, it’s your wedding day…I don’t think you should take any chances. I suggest she get fitted a little more than a month before the big day. This gives her plenty of time in her busy, “getting-ready-for-the-wedding” life to go back to the doctor and try another brand if the first brand isn’t comfortable for her.

Step 2: Wear the lenses as much as possible during those seven weeks!

I’m encouraging her not to make the mistake of getting the lenses and then not wearing them until the big day. They say it takes about 6 weeks to start a habit. My logic is, if she has those lenses at least six weeks before she says, “I Do” then she’ll have time to get used to taking care of and wearing the lenses before she gets caught up in the wedding week chaos. But, she needs to actually wear the lenses at least three or four days a week, not just once or twice during that time period.

Step 3: Remember to Have a Back-up Plan!

I’ve told my friend to have her glasses on hand for her big day too. In case she cries through the ceremony or from lack of sleep the night before or finds her eyes feel dry before the party is over–she needs an alternative way to see if the contacts just aren’t working for her all night long! Most brides remember to keep their lipstick and powder accessible, I’ve convinced my friend to keep some re-wetting drops and her spare glasses on hand too. Just in case!

Think you’d like to try contact lenses before your big day? Talk to your optometrist at your closest America’s Best retailer today!

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