How Millennials Buy Eyewear

People constantly talk about how differently millennials live their lives than other generations like Gen Xers or Baby Boomers. They still live with their parents, they’re on their phones too much, they have no attention span…But there are a few things that we appreciate about millennials’ when it comes to evaluating eyewear and eye care.
According to a new survey by Wakefield for Transitions Optical, Inc., “cultural sensitivity, giving back and having the freedom to express their personal style” were significantly valued by millennial eyeglass wearers (18-34).

Other findings from the study conclude that:

  • 9 out of 10 millennials want their eyecare provider to be involved in their local communities
  • Over half of millennials are more likely to know that their ethnicity can put them at a higher risk for eye health issues
  • 65% of the millennial generation wants access to bilingual or in-language educational resources

As “the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in U.S. history,” the buzzword ‘cultural sensitivity’ has become much more significant.How Millennials Buy Eyewear

Millennials also believe – more than any other age group – that eyecare professionals should offer them choices in eyewear. When polled about what they value when shopping eyewear, almost half chose “What I think looks good” as the most important factor. Getting a good price for their purchase ranked third and most fashionable ranked fifth.

Social media and the internet have allowed the millennial generation to stay more in-tune with the latest fashions and trends, so choice plays a significant role in their eyewear shopping experience.

This might all sound like millennials are changing what’s important in the eye care field and when making eyewear purchases – and you would be right! Rather than resisting this change, America’s Best hopes to match and exceed our customers’ expectations when it comes to community outreach, cultural sensitivity and CHOICE.

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