Benefits of a Hydrogen Peroxide-Based Cleaning System

Did you know that there are two main types of contact lens cleaners? One type is commonly referred to as multipurpose solution or cleaner, while the other type of cleaning system is called a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system.

How do you know which type of system you are using? That’s an easy one! Do your contacts fizz and bubble while they sit in their cleaning system? If so, then you have a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system.

While experts argue over which type of system is best, there are definite merits to the peroxide-based systems. Personally, I love hearing and seeing the fizzing action. Something about witnessing that chemical reaction makes me feel like my contacts are being completely cleaned!

Here’s how a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system works:

hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system contact lens caseContact wearers remove their lenses and place them both in a case that holds each lens in its own space. These cases come with a special disc already installed (note: never use a regular case when using hydrogen peroxide-based solutions!). This disc neutralizes the hydrogen peroxide over the course of several hours (usually six or more). During this neutralization process your lenses are thoroughly disinfected. After the appointed amount of time, you can safely remove them from the case, pour out the remaining solution and pop in your contacts!

The only downside to this process is that you can’t interrupt it. Once you place your lenses in the cleaning system, you must wait for the solution to neutralize. If you try to take your lenses out early or if you accidentally squirt this type solution in your eye instead of saline, you will feel a tremendous burn. Follow all the directions when dealing with peroxide-based systems or you could injure your eyes.

Generally, the pros outweigh the cons of using hydrogen peroxide-based cleansers. Here are some other benefits:

Allergy Friendly

Some people who are allergic to regular multi-purpose contact lens cleaners have no choice but to use hydrogen peroxide cleaners. Some of the preservatives and other ingredients found in the multi-purpose cleansers can cause irritation and redness in the eyes of those sensitive to these chemicals.

Hydrogen peroxide solution, on the other hand, uses some of the periodic table’s most basic elements and doesn’t require a lot of extra ingredients that could trigger allergies.

All in One Step

Some of these solutions only require you to take the lenses off and put them in the solution. There’s no extra time spent rubbing and cleaning your lenses. You put them in the special case, and let the solution do its magic.

Build-up be Gone

Hydrogen peroxide-based solutions also do a fabulous job at removing build-up from your lenses. Unlike rubbing a little cleaner over the surface of the lens, the bubbling removes more than just the dirt you see – it gets deeper into the lens.

If you’ve never tried a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaning system, I’d encourage you to try and see if you prefer the way it cleans! Be sure to get your own bottle, because sharing solution can be just as unhealthy as sharing contacts.

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