It’s Summer: Why It May Be Time to Try Out Contact Lenses

Wearing Contacts in Water

Summer is finally here. A season of festivals, boating, swimming, beaching and just a time meant to generally spend outdoors.

Which is why, in my opinion, summer is a great time to try those contact lenses you’ve been thinking about.

Wearing Contact Lenses in Water

Personally, I am most thankful for my contact lenses when I go out to the pool. I remember wearing eyeglasses to go swimming before I had contact lenses; I had the option of staying at the shallow end and wallowing in the water or putting my eyeglasses up and swimming blindly. And as fun as swimming is, it’s only half as fun when everything is a big, blurry blob.

The beach is a similar story, except add an added risk of your eyeglasses being washed right off your face without your consent.

This summer, try those eye contact lenses you’ve been thinking about. By no means should you not love your eyeglasses, but it’s an added comfort knowing that you have the convenience to choose what to wear when you want a

Eyeglasses vs. Contact Lenses

My rule: If you’re trying to make a fashion statement of any kind, express yourself with your favorite pair of designer eyeglasses. When you’re going to be active or face the slightest risk of losing or damaging your eyeglasses, it may be a good day to wear those contact lenses.

Contact lenses aren’t just convenient, but with daily disposable lenses, you can keep your eyes healthy by starting with a fresh pair each day. So, whether you’re white water rafting or swimming at the pool, you not only have the convenience of not worrying about your glasses washing off your face, you can easily protect the health of your eyes by just disposing them.

Contact lenses also make it easier to protect your eyes. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Sunny, I could just as easily get a pair of prescription sunglasses.” Yes. But imagine laying out on the grass at your favorite summer festival with your glasses folded and resting gently to the side, or imagine getting pushed off the boat by your buddies at the lake trip… not only would you be blinded by the sun, but you’d also be without eyeglasses AND sunglasses.

With contact lenses being rudely pushed into a lake by surprise, you’d still probably lose your favorite sunglasses, but at least you’d be able to look for them.

Again, eyeglasses are fabulous. But if you’re going to be getting out and getting active and face any risk of damaging your eyeglasses or your eyes, it may be a great time to try contact lenses.

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