Keeping Your Eyes Safe on the 4th of July

fireworks for July 4th celebration

Planning to celebrate Independence Day with a bang? Then, here are some important safety reminders for keeping your eyes safe when you use sparklers and fireworks this 4th of July.

1. Plan Ahead

Of course you’ll buy your fireworks, sparklers and grab the matches. But perhaps the most important things to take with you when you are planning on setting off fireworks is protective ear wear and eyewear. Stuffing tissues in your ears will hardly protect them. In the same way, reading glasses or even your sunglasses won’t cut it (and it’s hard to see through sunglasses at night anyway!). Grab some quality safety glasses that are guaranteed not to shatter and will protect your eyes from the sparks and ash. If you need prescription lenses, talk to your closest America’s Best retailer about ordering a pair of prescription safety glasses.

Did you know the part of the body most likely to be injured in a fireworks accident is the eyes? Take your eye protection seriously and then, head to a drug store for some quality ear plugs.

2. Set the Scene

It’s important to also make a plan for where you’ll set off the fireworks and where your spectators—including children—will be able to safely watch. Bystanders should be at least five hundred feet away from where the fireworks are lit. In addition, make sure you aren’t too close to any buildings, trees, or dry lands that could quickly catch fire if an accident happens. Make arrangements to keep your children happy and occupied while they wait for the display and designate some of the adults in your party to stay with the children—offering them snacks and keeping them entertained while the fireworks get set up.

Once the fireworks have started, make sure to protect the ears of your babies and younger children. Remember, some pets and little ones can become very frightened by the sound of the explosion, so remember to keep your dogs on a leash and try to prepare little ones for the big noise.

3. Leave Professional Grade Fireworks to the Professionals

If you want more than just a little sparkle and pop, then find a larger fireworks display somewhere in your community. Don’t try to use professional grade fireworks yourself. And remember, even if you’re using regular fireworks, never let children touch or handle them.

4. Take Injuries Seriously

Should the unfortunate happen, seek medical help immediately. Fireworks-related eye injuries can cause serious damage and even lead to blindness. Head to the emergency room for immediate treatment.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July holiday!

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