Colored Contacts: A Man’s Best Friend?


Gentlemen, I understand that it’s not really fair. In some ways, you don’t have the same number of options to spruce yourselves up as the ladies do. But if you’re a guy who secretly longs to have eyes that leave an unforgettable impression, then I have good news for you: colored contacts are just what you need.

Colored contacts are easy.

Most are so subtle that no one would ever know you had them on. They can enhance your eyes in a way that’s far more effective than just wearing that same old shirt that mom bought you because she thought it matched your eyes. (Don’t tell your mom I said that.)

Here’s how they work.

Let’s say your eyes are naturally hazel, it’s not a stretch to add a colored contact lens and make them that shade of deep brown. Or perhaps you were born with baby blues that are just a little lighter than you’d prefer. With an understated, enhancing lens tint, you can deepen, darken, and intensify that blue color.

Maybe you are ready to just do something completely different. Well, colored contacts allow you that option, too. Instead of choosing a tinting lens, you can choose an opaque colored lens that can change your eye color, no matter how dark it may be, into a new shade. You can go from green to blue, brown to green, blue to hazel, and more. And, unlike contact lenses from a few decades ago, it’ll look natural. In fact, I doubt anyone will notice that the contacts are making the color change!

Some men have asked if colored contacts are any different than regular contact lenses.

The answer, simply, is no. They require the same care and come in many of the same options as your regular lenses. You can choose colored contacts in weekly disposables or monthly wear lenses. You can even get colored contacts if you have astigmatism.

The best way to find the color and style that’s right for you is to go see your America’s Best optometrist. Often times, he or she will be able to set you up with some sample lenses so you can try them on for color and comfort. If you know what color you want, then you can skip all that and order online. You can even try on different colors virtually by clicking here!

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