Do I Really Need a Contact Lens Exam?

Ask America's best icon for blogDear America’s Best:

I wear contact lenses most of the time, although I do still wear my glasses a few times a week. It’s been a year or so since I’ve had my eyes checked, but I still have several pairs of contacts left and don’t feel like I need a new contacts prescription.

Do I have to get a contact lens exam? Wouldn’t it be okay for me to just get a regular eye exam? I know the contacts lens exam is a little more expensive, so I’d rather save the money.

Thanks for your insights.

Greg in Texas

Dear Greg:

You ask a great question. One that, as a contact lens wearer myself, I’ve wondered about in the past. Do you really need a contact lens exam rather than a regular eye exam?

My answer for you is absolutely yes!

Here’s the truth, your vision (and mine) is way too important to play with. Although contact lenses are simple to use and can seem harmless, they are truly medical devices, and should be monitored and treated as such.

A regular vision exam will test your vision without correction and through lenses, similar to eyeglass lenses. When you have a contact lens exam, your optometrist assesses how a contact lens prescription will assist your vision. He or she will be able to see how your contacts fit and if they’re affecting your eye health. For the most part, the exams are very similar, but if you ever wear contact lenses, it’s best for you to have them thoroughly checked.

If the cost worries you, I’d encourage you to consider joining America’s Best Eyecare Club. Club members pay just $99, which includes the cost of not only one full contact lens exam, but annuals exams for 3 years! Each exam ends up costing only $33, which is definitely affordable. As a member of the Eyecare Club you also get great discounts on contact lenses and free shipping when you order online. It’s a REALLY great deal for those of us who need contacts, but need to stay on budget.

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