New Year, New Prescription?

new year new prescriptionI have a little secret that I think I share with more than half of all contact lenses wearers out there.  What is it?

I let my glasses get outdated.

It’s easy to see how it can happen of course.  I wear my contact lenses 90% of the time and even when I get a check up, I am focused on purchasing new contacts, and not thinking about my glasses.

But, I know your eye doctor would agree, it’s really important to have a pair of back up eyeglasses in your current prescription.  Let me explain by sharing with you what happened to me recently.

Last Fall I battled: one case of pink eye (conjunctivitis), seasonal allergies, and a few random head colds.  I had no other choice but to wear my glasses with their out of date prescription and, (candidly) style.  I’m sure they were fashion forward when I got them in 2008 but, oh my, they just aren’t anymore.  It was annoying to have to wear them in public because I didn’t like the way they looked and, quite frankly, I couldn’t see that well through them.

Last month I decided it was time.  I went to my eye doctor at America’s Best and got a new pair of back-up glasses.  And, let me tell you how dumb I feel for not having done it earlier!

Not only do I love the way my new glasses look, but I actually enjoy wearing them every once in a while just to give my eyes a break or when I want to make a fashion statement.  Now, the next time allergies dry out my eyes, I won’t have to hide inside because I don’t want to wear my glasses out.  And, even better, I won’t have to risk making a random virus or other infection worse or spreading it to my eyes by stubbornly trying to get my contacts in on a day that I know I shouldn’t.

So how about you? Are your back-up glasses up-to-date? If it has been a year or longer, I’d encourage you to look into getting a new pair, too.  Even if you are certain your prescription hasn’t changed, glasses are one of the hottest accessory items this season.  You’ll want a new, trendy, designer frame so you are ready to take on the world even on days when you’re forced to leave your contacts in their case.

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