Eye Drop Options: Not All Drops Are Created Equal

shutterstock_111220583My mother-in-law suffers from seasonal allergies and confessed she was waking up with her eyes glued shut each morning. I asked what she was using for her eyes and her response was surprising. She was simply using regular dry-eye drops! Apparently, she didn’t know that all eye drops aren’t created equal.

I suggested she switch to an allergy eye drop. Within a few days her allergy eye issues started getting better! It always helps to use the right product for your problem. In case you are in the same boat, here’s some information about the different kinds of eye drops available and their intended uses.

Four Varieties of Eye Drops and When You Need Them

Artificial Tears

Artificial tears are the most common type of eye drop. Sometimes artificial tears will be marketed as “red eye” relief too. This is the most basic type of eye moistening product and is useful if you have occasional dry eyes, don’t wear contact lenses and don’t struggle with allergies. If your eyes get dry when shopping or skiing or at a specific time of day (because they’ve been open too long!), you should start with these drops and see if they bring you any relief.

Dry Eye Solutions

These drops are helpful if you frequently have dry eyes from staring at screens, your environment, or frequent lack of sleep or hydration. Try a formula of drops designed specifically for this dry eye condition. If the over-the-counter version doesn’t work, there are many prescription formulas available to help cure dry eyes. Be sure to read the instructions though. Some of these drops are quite strong, and there is a limit on how many times per day you should use them. You also may have to remove your contact lenses before use.

Lens Moistening Drops

If you are a contact lens wearer whose dry eye problems are connected with your contact lenses, try this type of drop. You can use these with your lenses in. They should help improve your comfort level during wear. You can usually use as many of these drops as you need to help your eyes stay ‘happy’ all day long.

Allergy Eye Drops

This type of eye drop does more than just moisten your eye: it helps block and at your allergy symptoms. Many of these drops have antihistamines in them. There are also prescription strength allergy eye drops available through your America’s Best optometrist. Schedule a visit to see if there is a certain kind of drop that will help YOU!


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