Should My Child Get Contact Lenses for College?

Ask America's best icon for blogDear America’s Best:

My eighteen-year-old son is heading off to college this month and just told me he’d like to get contacts for school. But, he leaves in a week and is headed to school several hours away. Will he have time to get the lenses and adjust to them before he leaves? Is it a good idea for someone his age to use contacts for the first time without having help nearby?

Mindy, Texas

Dear Mindy,

I can certainly understand both why your son would want contact lenses for college and why you’d be a bit concerned.

But, in general, this could be the perfect opportunity for him to transition from daily glasses wear to daily contact lens wear.

The first thing you need to do is take him for an appointment at your closest America’s Best retailer and talk to your optometrist about the best type of lenses for your son’s new lifestyle at school. If good contact lens hygiene is your main concern, then talk to your doctor about disposable lenses. Extended-wear contacts could be an easy option because he wouldn’t have to clean his lenses every day.

The only downside to contacts in college is how those contact lenses may react to the lack of sleep that tends to accompany college life. So, make sure your son leaves for school not just with new contacts but also with a pair of glasses he feels comfortable wearing. Talk to him about paying attention to his eye health. For example: Not wearing his lenses if his eyes are red after pulling an all-nighter.


One other convenience you may want to check out before he leaves for school is the America’s Best contact lens club. If you sign him up for this, his new lenses can be delivered every month. Nothing helps you remember to change your contacts like getting some new ones in the mail! He doesn’t have to go anywhere to get more lenses if he doesn’t want to.

But, remember, even if your son is too far away to come home in case of contact lens trouble, there is likely an America’s Best somewhere close to his school. He will always have an option of getting help from the professionals if he should need it.

Get him in sooner rather than later so he’ll have a little time to adjust to the lenses before he leaves. Generally though, be encouraged! Adjusting to contact lens wear doesn’t take that long. I think he’ll do just fine.

Thanks for your question!

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