Why People Over 45 Switch From Contacts to Glasses

Pen-Apr2013I met a lovely woman wearing an incredible pair of eyeglasses the other day. She appeared to be in her early to mid-fifties. I commented on how much I loved her glasses, and she told me they were new. She also told me that she used to wear contact lenses but when she turned fifty she decided to switch from contacts back to glasses! I thought this was an interesting idea and did some research. I discovered that she wasn’t alone. Many people over the age of 45 switch from contacts back to wearing glasses full-time.

Though there are still plenty of people over 45 popping in their contact lenses each morning, here are a few reasons some speculate the older crowd turns back to their glasses:

Presbyopia: One of the biggest reasons may be that presbyopia sets in. Presbyopia is the age-related loss of near focusing ability. In many cases, after this age contact lens wearers may still need some reading glasses or they may need to switch to bifocal or trifocal (or even progressive) contact lenses. Some people prefer to not bother with the adjustment to a new type of lens. 

Glasses are Easier: People in this age group often have kids to worry about (and pay for), established homes to care for, and careers that consume their time. Thinking about re-ordering contact lenses, keeping solutions on hand, or even just giving yourself the time to put them in each morning can sometimes fall off to the wayside in light of other priorities.

Risk of Infection: Some think that older people prefer glasses because of the risk of infection. As you age, it can sometimes become more difficult to bounce back from health issues quickly. No one has time for an eye infection, but many in the over forty-five set feel that risking it, just isn’t worth the hassle.

Glasses are Hip: if 45 is just around the corner, use a pair of glasses to inject some fun trends into your wardrobe. I’ve noticed that sometimes I intentionally choose to wear my glasses instead of my contact lenses because they make me feel a little younger. Glasses are stylish, they hide the bags under my eyes, and can help me pull off a younger look.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to my contact lenses yet, but it’s nice to know my glasses will be there to help me out as I age!

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