The Secret to Scary Eyes for Halloween

10.7.14 Gothika Lenses

Searching for a look that is sure to scare your friends and family members this Halloween? Perhaps a typical costume isn’t all that you need… have you considered theatrical quality costume lenses from America’s Best?

If you’ve never seen this crazy collection of eye looks, ranging from evil to angelic, you’ll definitely want to check them out before Trick or Treat day rolls around. These are the same contact lenses that are used by the most frightening of villains and monsters on television and in the movies. The quality of these lenses is absolutely amazing; in fact, you just may frighten yourself when you see how authentic they look.

Some of the best looks include vampires like LeStat, Louis, and Edward. There are also zombie, werewolf, and monster looks. Or you can choose a lens that completely blacks out your eyeball, or a look called “Manson” that puts an eerie white ring around your pupil. Scary!

There are also some lenses that will glow in the black light (the “Rave” collection) and lenses that will help you more authentically pull off that black cat or angel look. All of these lenses are opaque, so no matter what your natural eye color is, the effect should be powerful and noticeable.


These special effects lenses are FDA approved, superior quality, and come in prescription or plane-o (no prescription). And, if you’ve had a contact lens exam recently, you can order them online and have them in plenty of time for all of your Halloween activities.

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, then you’ll want to make sure that you stop in your closest America’s Best retailer and get a special contact lens prescription before ordering so you know the lenses will fit correctly. They will also show you how to properly care for and wear your lenses so they’ll last you until the next time you want to scare your friends.

Remember: never purchase theatrical or any other type of contact lens anywhere other than from a licensed optical retailer. Buying even costume lenses like these from a place that doesn’t require you to have a contact lens prescription is a surefire way to negatively damage your vision and potentially ruin your eyesight permanently.

To see all the great special effects lenses looks, click here to visit the America’s Best website and find a retailer near you.

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