Thinning Eyelash Solutions

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful…

We all know the slogan and can picture the face of the beautiful makeup model showing us her perfect skin and, of course, her glamorously long and thick eyelashes.

But, reality is, most of us weren’t born with lashes that gorgeous. And, as we age, our lashes get thinner and thinner.  For some people, thinning lashes is a result of medical issues like hyperthyroidism or even a side effect from medication use. But, for many, it’s just a part of getting older.

Solution for Thinning Lashes

So, what can you do? Well, until a few years ago your only option was to find a great mascara. But, now there are prescription lash thickeners that actually work and help your eyelids re-grow new lashes in the hair follicles at the tips of your lids.

How does it work? It sounds rather easy, actually. All you have to do is apply the solution product to your upper lids (don’t use on the lower lids) every night and let it work.  One popular product, named Latisse was approved by the FDA for prescription only use a few years ago.  Latisse, claims that its users see up to double the fullness of their lashes in just 16 weeks.  The company also reports that users’ lashes look darker, too.

Other Lash Thickeners

There are other, over the counter lash thickeners available, but be extremely careful about using any of these products without first talking to your optometrist.  Contact lens wearers can use prescription products like Latisse, but the company recommends removing your contacts before application.

Lash Thickener Side Effects

As with any prescription medication, there are possible side effects to using this product. So, talk to your optometrist about these as well.  One that caught my attention was the possibility of growing hair wherever the product was applied.  You sure don’t want to miss your lash line and start growing random hairs other places.  Another side effect was a possibility of staining your skin with the brown pigmentation of the product.

Not sure if you are ready to try a prescription lash thickening product? Well, there are ways you can simply protect the lashes you do have.  Remember to always remove all eye makeup, gently and thoroughly. That helps the lashes stay healthy and not fall out or break off.  Also, remember to be gentle with those fine little hairs, lash brushes and mascara wands should never pull or tug.

Call today to see if your favorite optometrist inside America’s Best can prescribe a lash thickener for you!

*Please note not every optometrist in every location is able to prescribe this product. Please call ahead if you are interested to ensure availability.

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