Three Reasons You May Want Prescription Sunglasses

As the days get warmer and longer, sunglasses become more of a necessity than a mere fashion accessory.  I love bold and beautiful sunglass frames but this year, I’m going to order a new pair of sunglasses with a different kind of lenses. That is, prescription lenses.

If you’ve never owned a pair of prescription sunglasses, let me encourage you that they are fantastic!  In fact, I’ve come up with three great reasons why you, too, may want to consider buying a pair of your favorite sunglasses with prescription lenses in them this year!

Reason #1:  You will always be able to see through your sunglasses!

If you wear contacts or glasses, you’ll understand what I mean by this.  Contact wearers, have you ever had a day when your eyes were red from allergies or lack of sleep and those lenses just weren’t going to go in that morning?  It’s quite the predicament if you don’t own any prescription sunglasses!  The pain involved with squinting through your regular glasses–or pretending to be able to see through your sunglasses just fine as you fake it without contacts– can be completely eliminated with a pair of prescription sunglasses!

Reason #2:  You can wear them all day, comfortably!

Planning a day at the beach outside in the sun but hate the way your contacts dry out or don’t want to risk getting sand or suntan lotion in those lenses?  Put on your prescription sunglasses and you are set –for the entire day!  You’ll be able to see clearly and — with the right lens coatings — without glare or any squinting involved.  Dry eyes, take that!

Reason #3:  Driving, Driving, Driving!

I can’t drive without prescription lenses covering my eyes in some way, shape or form.  With prescription sunglasses I know that no matter what, I have a pair of sun-through-the-windshield-ready glasses to drive in– even if I don’t wear my contacts that day.  When we travel long distances in the car– leaving early in the morning and driving all day long–it’s really helpful to be able to know I can leave wearing my glasses and just change to my prescription sunglasses and keep going as soon as the sun comes up!

America’s Best has a great selection of fashionable, stylish, designer sunglasses that can be easily made with a pair of lenses in your exact prescription!  Visit your closest America’s Best store today to see their full selection.

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