Three Reasons You Should Join the Eyecare Club

My fellow contact lens wearers…I know that wearing contacts is a financial investment.  You have to get your eyes examined more regularly.  You have to have lenses on hand and a spare pair of glasses in the drawer, too.  Contacts are worth every penny and I love wearing them, but if there is a way to save on all the costs associated…I want to know about it!

And, I knew you would too.  I may have mentioned it in passing, but today I want to make sure you know about this incredible way to save money through the America’s Best Eyecare Club.  Here are three big reasons you’ll want to make sure you’ve joined so you can start saving right away.

Reason #1:  Discounted Eye Exams

As a contact lens wearer you need to make sure your eyes and lenses are staying healthy.  That’s why most doctors require that contact lens wearers get an exam at least every year.  Follow me on some easy math here. A normal eye exam for contact lenses is $70. But, if you join the Eyecare Club, for just $20 more you can get your eye exams FREE (up to two exams per year) for 3 whole years.  That’s a savings of at least $149.  Money in your pocket.

Reason #2:  Discounted Eyeglasses

As a contact lens wearer, you never know when allergies (or worse – pink eye) will hit and you’ll need to sport some glasses for a day or two.  That’s why most optometrists recommend you always keep at least one spare pair of glasses on hand in your most current prescription.  As a member of the Eyecare Club you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford to keep your glasses look updated and your prescription current.  In fact, on top of America’s Best’s fantastic discounted prices, you’ll also save 10% on any purchase of eyeglasses as long as you are in the club.

Reason #3:  Discounted Contact Lenses

Who doesn’t want to save money on contact lenses?  I can’t name anyone who would turn down that opportunity.  As an Eyecare Club member you’ll get 10% off every contact lens purchase during your three or five year membership.  And, when you buy an annual supply of lenses, you can get even better deals.  For example, you can purchase a box of Acuvue 2 or Sofmed 55 soft contact lenses for just $12.49 a box!  What a fantastic bargain.

So, what are you waiting for? If you wear contact lenses there’s really no good reason why you shouldn’t be a part of the Eyecare Club.  You can join for three years or five years at a time…making it easy to stay a part of the club and keep saving without being annoyed by an annual renewal.  Click here to join or find out even more great information.

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