Top 5 Tips for Contact Lenses and Allergies

Contact Lenses and Allergies

So, allergy season is creeping up on us once again. Trees are sprouting new life, flowers are sprouting new buds, and nature is coming together to give us the wonderful gift of spring…and spring allergies.

As a contact lens wearer, allergy season can be an uncomfortable time. It isn’t unheard of that contact lens wearers either change their routine when it comes to contacts in springtime or just stop wearing them all together to avoid the irritation.

However, there are a few methods you can put in place to help you ease your way through this spring season.

Top 5 Tips for Contact Lenses and Allergies

1)      Clean Your Contact Lenses

When you have any sort of foreign object in your eye that causes irritation, such as pollen or dust, your eye naturally produces tears to help your eye flush it out. However, if these allergens are stuck on your contact lenses, they can also cause dry eyes, and your body will continue to water, making it appear as though you’ve been crying. Instead, consider taking time to clean your contact lenses more often in allergy season. After washing your hands, just take out contacts one at a time and rub them with contact lens solution and pop them back in. Do this during your day and it will provide your eye with some relief from having to constantly battle irritation.

2)      Use Eye Drops

If you’re not in a position where you can go and take your contact lenses out to clean them, keep your eyes clean by using eye drops to help wash out irritants.

3)      Wear Your Eyeglasses

Irritants can easily adhere to the surface of contacts lenses causing continuous annoyance and discomfort. Give your eyes a break and wear your eyeglasses as often as you can. In fact, allergy season is a great time to expand your eyeglass collection.

4)      Daily Wear Contact Lenses

If you must wear contact lenses during allergy season, consider wearing daily wear contact lenses. Put in a fresh pair every day, and simple throw it out every night. With daily wear contact lenses, your eyes get a fresh start every morning.

5)      See the Optometrist

If your allergies are causing you severe pain, discomfort or irritation, schedule an eye exam with your optometrist at your local America’s Best as soon as possible to confirm there aren’t any underlying problems. And if it is just severe allergies that you are suffering from, your eye doctor can prescribe medicated eye drops to help get you and your contacts through this beautiful allergy season.

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