Three Brands of Colored Contact Lenses to Try

Contact lenses can help those who need vision correction see better, but did you also know they can be a fun and fashionable way to change your look? I’ve been known to surprise friends by showing up to a special event with turquoise eyes (normally mine are brown!). I’ve also had fun experimenting with greens and hazels just to keep them guessing!

If you are thinking about trying colored contact lenses, let me tell you about three fantastic options.

freshlook-colorblends-contact-lenses-lg-w-450FreshLook COLORBLENDS

FreshLook Colorblends are an excellent choice if you’re considering giving colored contacts a try. They come in an amazing variety of colors: blue, green, grey, brown, honey, turquoise, amethyst, pure hazel, and true sapphire. Some of these lenses have opaque qualities so even if your eyes are dark, like mine, you can still change their colors. Others are used more to highlight or accentuate your current eye color. You can look at the full variety of colors and shades on this chart.

FreshLook Colors ONE-DAY

freshlook-one-day-contact-lenses-lg-w-450Unlike FreshLook ColorBlends, this collection of colored contact lenses is available in a one-day lens variety. You can pop in a fresh pair of colored lenses in the morning, and toss them in the trash that night. These are great if you don’t wear colored lenses that often or just want the convenience of not having to mess with cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses. These one-day colored contact lenses are available in four fun and natural colors: gray, blue, green or pure hazel.


Air Optix Colors

air-optix-colors-contact-lenses-lg-w-450I’m a huge fan of the regular line of Air Optix contact lenses, so the colored contacts will be just as comfortable to wear. You can have a subtle OR vibrant color change when you choose any of their contact colors: gray, blue, green, hazel, brown or honey.

Air Optix also offers a way for you to see which lenses may look best on you before you even order. Their virtual contact lens try-on allows you to upload a picture of your face and try on the different colored lenses and find the look you like best (Just like America’s Best virtual glasses try-on!) Check it out here.

Color Studio

Remember – Just like regular contact lenses, you can join the America’s Best Eyecare Club and get free eye exams for three full years for only $20 more than a regular contact lens exam! Plus, you’ll save ten percent on every contact lens purchase—even on your new colored lenses!

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