How To Tell If Someone Wears Colored Contact Lenses

Ask America's best icon for blogDear America’s Best:

I just started dating an awesome girl, but I can’t quite figure out her eye color. Some days her eyes look vibrant blue, like the ocean in the Caribbean. Other days they look darker blue, almost like a bluish gray. Do you think she could be wearing colored contact lenses? Is there anyway I can find out if she is?

Thanks for your help,

Jay, Texas

Dear Jay,

I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is, it sounds like your new girlfriend has gorgeous eyes and potentially, great taste in contact lenses. The bad news is, the only way you’re going to be able to find out if she’s a contact lens wearer  is to ask her!

The eye colors you described could certainly be colored contact lens colors. The newest colored contact lenses can turn just about any eye color into either shade of blue that you referenced. The technology is so advanced and the colors are so dynamic, that there is virtually no way to tell that the wearer has on a colored lens, short of asking them to remove it!

Remember that lot of people are born with eyes that naturally change colors. I know some people with hazel eyes who look like they have brown, green, or even blue eyes depending on the time of day, the way the sunlight hits their eyes or what they’re wearing.

Colored Contact lensesIf your girlfriend had on a similar color, and you saw her both times in similar lighting (say outdoors in bright sunshine) and her eye color looked completely different, there’s certainly a chance she’s wearing colored contact lenses.

If you are insistent about finding out her natural eye color, my best suggestion is to just ask her! A woman will never be offended if you compliment her eyes and tell her you’ve noticed how they seem to change colors. It’s the mention of little details like that that will often warm a girl’s heart because she’ll know you are paying attention.

Afraid to go right out and ask? Then, you can be a super sleuth and look for evidence of a contact lens wearer. Does she carry a spare pair of glasses? Does she put drops in her eyes? Does she have contact solution in her bathroom? These clues may give you the answer to your question.

If you’re interested in getting your own pair of colored contact lenses, schedule a visit to your local America’s Best store to get a prescription and try some out!

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