Wearing Contacts? You Need an Annual Eye Exam!

Let’s be honest, webenefits contacts glasses are all busy.  Maybe too busy!  Weeks and months fly by and before we know it, it’s once again time to start writing the date with a new year.  If you are like me, I tend to let things slide a bit.  If I’m feeling okay, I might skip my annual visit to the doctor.  Or, if my teeth aren’t throbbing, I may push back that trip to the dentist.  But, if you are a contact lens wearer like I am, there is one appointment we should be very careful to keep.  That is: an annual contact lens eye exam.

Why Annually?

Sure, if you were just an average, healthy adult between the ages of 18 and 65, you could get away with seeing your eye doctor every two years.  But, it’s extremely important that contact lens wearers see their optometrist annually.  This is common practice because as a lens wearer, you are putting your contacts (and your fingers) in your eyes more frequently than a non-lens wearer would increasing your risk that other foreign objects or particles could get in your eyes as well.  Your doctor needs to check the health of your eye and thoroughly inspect it for any tiny scratches or unseen problems that you wouldn’t be able to notice without a microscope.

Your optometrist also needs to be able to check your cornea.  With the proper equipment, your doctor can check its curvature and check your blood vessels to make sure everything is healthy and getting the oxygen it needs.

Another great reason to get your eyes and contact lenses checked every year is to make sure they are still fitting you properly.  Your doctor will make sure that the lens is still sitting correctly on your eye and make sure that your prescription doesn’t need to be modified.  Remember: contact lens prescriptions actually expire annually, so there’s a good chance you’ll need to get that eye exam scheduled so you can reorder new lenses.

Contact lenses aren’t toys.  They are medically regulated devices and should not be used unless you are under the care of a licensed optometrist.  Although a very small percentage of the population experiences serious complications with contact lenses, it’s still important to follow the rules and include your annual eye exam in your contacts care regiment.

Eyecare Club Makes It Easy

America’s Best makes it easy and cost effective to get an annual exam. For just $20 more than the cost of one contact lens exam, you can become a member of the Eyecare Club which allows you to have up to 2 eye exams per year for three years! Plus you’ll get discounts on contacts, glasses and accessories. Learn more about the Eyecare Club and schedule your appointment online by clicking here!

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