What Does the Future Hold for Contact Lenses?


One hundred years ago, if you told wearers of prescription glasses that someday in the future they’d be able to sit lenses directly on their eyes and see through them all day, it would have sounded unbelievable.

Now, contact lenses that we can wear day and night are so commonplace, the concept isn’t impressive.

So, what does the future hold for contact lenses?

Scientists and researchers worldwide are working on using contact lenses in a variety of unconventional methods. For example: some are experimenting with using contacts for drug delivery. Others are using lenses for monitoring blood sugar levels. Another company is using electronic contact lenses to monitor glaucoma patients.

In fact, monitoring health conditions with special lenses could be something that is standard in the future. These lenses can keep a check on health conditions through constant monitoring of the chemistry of one’s tears.

Currently, you can purchase contact lenses designed to help improve your eye sight by reshaping your cornea, but in the future, new lenses may be available that will actually filter the light to your cornea to help correct some vision problems.

In addition to using lenses for extra medical reasons, engineers are working on ways to use contact lenses like you can use Google Glass: as a way to access the Internet, take pictures, send or read emails and texts, and perform other technical functions. These would, of course, be electronic lenses and would require a different type of lens material than a traditional silicone, because they would essentially be little computers.

This type of lens is already being tested on rabbits, which were able to wear the contact lens version of a Google Glass-type device for five hours with no visible physical or electronic problems.

It’s hard to imagine what it would look like, or be like, to watch a movie or take a picture without having anything in front of you other than a lens over your eye. But I’m guessing that, a century ago, our great-grandparents couldn’t fathom talking on phones without cords or writing letters on a screen and having them instantly arrive at their recipient’s remote location.

One thing is for sure, more and more people will be wearing contact lenses in the future.

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