What’s Your Vision Worth?

Would you rather be blind or lose a limb?

glasses-visionAccording to a recent opinion survey by Bausch & Lomb, 70% of people worldwide would give an arm or leg to keep their sight, yet less than a third of these same people take basic steps to preserve the eyesight they care so much about!

The survey polled 11,000 consumers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe about their attitudes, behaviors and awareness of issues related to eye health.

Survey participants were asked if they were forced to choose an affliction for their body, what would it be.  An overwhelming majority of people chose to lose their sense of hearing, taste, a limb, or even take ten years off their life, over losing their vision.  75% of the people surveyed said money was less important than good eye sight too.  They answered that they would rather have their pay cut in half than have a permanent, 50% decline in their ability to see well.

But, this is where the survey gets interesting! Almost 70% of the people they surveyed said they were knowledgeable about eye health, yet only 21% of them had had a regular eye exam in the past five years!

Their excuse for not making a trip to the eye doctor?

Well, most said they hadn’t had any symptoms.

The study also found that women are more likely to take care of their vision by wearing sunglasses, eating healthy, and not smoking.  The data also showed that married people were more likely to have had a recent eye exam (46% versus 38% of singles).

The company says it conducted the survey to identify what kind of eye health education needs to take place.  And, it’s clear that they’ve got some work to do!

For optimal eye health, adults should have a comprehensive eye exam at least every two years and preferably once a year.  Adults over the age of 60 should see their doctor annually and children should be checked at three years old and before first grade.  Contact lens wearers should visit their optometrist at least one time a year for an eye exam and contact lens check.  People with other health issues like diabetes or high blood pressure may also find they need more frequent exams.

Even if you don’t feel like you have any severe or telling symptoms of eye problems (like headaches, blurred vision, or pain), it’s still a good idea to have a regular check up to protect your vision. Call your eye doctor today…your vision is worth it!

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