When Time’s Up on Your Contact Lenses!

One might think because I write for a contact lens blog that I would be aware of everything about my contact lenses.  But, for the last two days I’ve put in my lenses with pain! My eyes immediately reacted by turning red.  They stung and I couldn’t get those lenses out fast enough.

I examined the lenses and saw nothing on them.  I squirted more saline than any one lens could ever need on it and, stubbornly, tried again.  Same results.

What Could Be Causing Eye Irritation with My Contact Lenses?

Going through my mental Rolodex of possible problems, I landed on what I thought was the issue.  My cleaning container must be bad.  I use a solution that depends on a disc in the cleaning case to use the disinfectant and turn it into a much less painful liquid after a twelve-hour cleaning process.

So I got out a new container.  But, the next day had the same issue. What could it be?

The lenses aren’t that old I thought.  I wear monthly lenses and I knew I put them in when I returned from vacation just a few weeks ago…

Oh wait! We returned from vacation 7 weeks ago!

Problem solved!

Follow the Prescribed Wearing Schedule

When you over wear lenses that are only intended for a certain amount of wear time, it can mean trouble.  You could experience redness and pain like I did. You even risk more serious trouble like damage to your vision or a scratched cornea.

If a lens is recommended for one day, one week, one month, or whatever period of time the manufacturer suggests and your optometrist says your eyes can handle, it’s important to take that number seriously.

So, if you tend to lose track of time in life’s busyness (like me).  What can you do?

A Few Tips

Use an App

Several contact lens manufacturers offer smartphone apps with reminders you can set for changing and replacing your contact lenses.

Set an Alarm on Your Calendar

I am an avid user of the electronic calendar my computer (and synced other devices).  You can set a recurring appointment to remind you to change your lenses.  (I did this a few minutes ago).

Mark Your Mirror

Get a dry erase marker and put a little note on the bottom of your bathroom mirror.  It’s easy and you are sure to look at it every day!

Been a while since you’ve had a contact lens exam? Why not put a date for that on those calendars while you are at it. Or, call your closest America’s Best retailer and schedule one today!

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