Who Doesn’t Love a Rebate?

rebate-cooperI’m a coupon-clipping, sale-paper-perusing, frequent shopper card-holding kind of gal. So, when I come across a bargain…like a rebate, discount or sale, I go after it. And, I like to make sure that I tell all of my friends about it too.  The only thing better than me saving money is helping my friends save money as well!

As a contact lens wearer I was so excited to see the huge incentives and rebates going on right now for Cooper Vision brand contacts.  It’s a promotion where you can save up to $100 on contact lenses. That’s a huge savings!

The great news is, unlike other trial discount programs, this rebate isn’t just for new contact lens wearers.  Even if you’ve been wearing Cooper Vision brand lenses before you still qualify.

Step One: Get Your Eye Exam

Here’s how you save.  First, go to America’s Best and get an eye exam.  It’s probably past time that you do that anyway. So, make your appointment today and get over there this week so you can save.

Step Two: Purchase Your Contacts

Next, purchase a few boxes of your favorite kind of Cooper Vision contact lenses.  You have a few options, including their Biofinity line of lenses (which also comes in multi-focal and toric lenses) or their ProClear 1-day multi-focal lenses.

I’ve personally worn Biofinity lenses. They are very comfortable in that they are very soft which, according to the company, allows them to stay moist.

If you have presbyopia and suffer from dry eyes, those ProClear daily lenses are going to be a great option for you.  They stay moist and clear all day-long and then you through them away at the end of the day and start a fresh with a new pair the next day.  They are low maintenance and a great lens choice for people with allergies.

Step Three: Submit Your Rebate

Then, visit the Cooper Vision website and submit your rebate.  There is an online rebate form but you will also need to save your receipt from your lens purchase as well as your eye exam.

Hurry, to qualify for the rebate you have to postmark your rebate within 60 days of your lens purchase and 90days of your exam.  Use America’s Best for both your lens purchase and your exam as using the same practitioner for both is a requirement for the rebate.

The rebate is only valid on purchases until January through June 30, 2013. So hurry in today to get yours before it’s gone!

See all details here.

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