Why Do Contact Lens’ Prescriptions Expire?

I typed it into Google and the results scared me. The first ad that came up said, “Expired prescription? No problem. Buy contacts without a prescription.”

And I knew exactly who would be drawn into an offer like that. Someone like me.

You see, I’m a bit of a rule bender sometimes. Expiration dates, they’re just suggestions right? Kind of like the speed limit. But, I’ve recently learned that going eight miles over on the highway is a completely different thing than messing with your eye health.

Yes, contact lens’ prescriptions expire and, yes, there’s a good reason for that. Contact lenses are medical devices. They aren’t mascara or toothpaste, they are regulated because they are put directly into your eye and, thus, can harm you if you don’t follow the simple rules.

Now, the truth is, that contact lenses are so safe that many people take that for granted. And, because the contacts still feel good, some feel that getting that annual eye exam so that they can get a new contact lens prescription is a chore they’d rather not complete.

But, can I encourage you to consider that contact lens’ prescriptions expire for a reason! This reason is a good one for your eye health!

I have a friend named Laura who felt like an expired contact lens prescription was no big deal. She wore her monthly contact lenses for six months at a time (a full five months over their prescribed usage period) and she went a full two years without another contact check. Meanwhile, what Laura didn’t recognize was that wearing a refractive prescription that was out of date caused her chronic headaches.

Laura was very lucky that this was her only problem. Going without a contact lens exam is gambling with your vision. She could have had eye disease that went undetected during that time. And, every time she put those old, over-used lenses in her eyes she was risking even more of her eye health.


Contact Lens Case and Contact Lens

If your contact lens prescription is expired, make an appointment and get an eye exam today. If your pacemaker was about to expire, you’d probably not hesitate to make an appointment with your cardiologist. So, let me encourage you to take your eye health that seriously, too. Your vision is something you want to protect! And, a contact lens exam takes less than an hour and is very affordable at your closest America’s Best retailer. Schedule your appointment online today.

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