Why I Love Daily Disposable Contact Lenses…

Dear Daily Disposables,Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

How I love thee. Let me count the ways:

1)      You are disposable.

For me, that means no hassle with carrying contact cases or even having to replace my contact case every 3 months. No worrying about having to buy bottle after bottle of contact solution, or dreading the last squeeze when I forget to stop by the store.

2)      No more hunting down travel size, TSA-friendly contact solution bottles.

3 ounces? Pshf. How about NO ounces?  Nothing says “Bon Voyage” better than going through security knowing you’ll make it through without having to unpack your entire luggage.

3)      I can sleep in peace.

No more adding in the time to clean my contact case, squirt my contact solution, rub the protein build-up off my lenses, and gently store them away. No, sir. A simple wash of the hands, pop out one contact lens, pop out the other and kindly usher both to the trash bin.

4)      No more burning eyes.

If your solution is hydrogen based and takes 6 hours to neutralize, you’ll love the simplicity of daily disposables, if for nothing else then not encountering the awful burning sensation in the eye that’s caused by a miscalculation of time. With daily disposables, you get a fresh new pair every morning, whenever you want.

5)      Healthy eyes.

The best part of having you, daily disposable contacts, isn’t even how convenient you are. It’s how healthy you are for my vision. All the particles and dust my eyes are exposed to, all the protein that builds up on my lenses, all the bacteria my eyes potentially face from coming contact with things like water…all gone after a day. Daily disposable contacts monumentally decrease my risk of an eye infection because I start with a brand new pair each day.

Oh, daily disposable contacts. I grateful I am to have you in my life and more importantly, in my eyes.


Your Biggest Fan

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