Backup Eyeglasses For Contact Lens Wearers

If you wear contact lenses, you probably do so for a specific reason – you play sports, glasses may get in the way of your activities, or you may just not like the look of them.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that situations may arise in which it may not be a bad idea to have a backup pair of eyeglasses.

For instance:

– During an eye infection.  Eye infections actually occur less often with people who have backup glasses because they are more likely to wear their backup glasses instead of contact lenses when they have an irritation in their eye. Doctors usually recommend not wearing your contact lenses during an eye infection.

If something is wrong with your eyes or you have an infection, continuing to wear contact lenses can cause the issue to linger or even get worse.  This is where a pair of backup eyeglasses can really come in handy.  It is also important that if you do have an eye infection or irritation in your eye that continues, you consult your eye doctor so that he or she can make sure you don’t have a more serious problem with a comprehensive eye exam.

– Your eyes need oxygen.  Giving your eyes time to breathe is essential (especially if you live in a high altitude area or where it is very dry).


Backup eyeglasses are also useful if you travel for work.  If something goes wrong and you’re away from your eye doctor and additional supplies of contact lenses, and solution you may be in trouble without a backup plan (and pair of glasses).

You should always keep your backup eyeglasses in an easy to find place so that you can find them easily in case something happens with your contact lenses.

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