Caring For Your Contacts

A vital part of keeping your eyes safe and healthy is taking good care of your contacts. The following are just a few important tips to follow not only keep your contacts clean, but also to keep your eyes comfortable:

Tip #1: Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your contact lenses or touching your eye surface. Not only is this a good practice to keep from getting bacteria and germs from your hands onto your eye, but residue from things like lotions, creams,  sprays, or other chemicals you touch can irritate, blur, or inflict pain to your eyes.

Tip #2: Stick to your schedule. Your optometrist prescribes lenses with a certain schedule. Some contacts should be thrown away daily, others every two weeks, and some extend beyond that time frame. You should never wear contacts beyond their prescribed life. Since contacts are made for a specific time period, they become easily prone to protein build up and bacteria, both of which can stop the flow of oxygen to the cornea and cause infection.

Tip #3: Clean and store your contacts as prescribed by your doctor. Because different types of contact lenses require certain solutions or cleaners, it is important to know you are using the correct kind for your contact lenses.

Tip #4: Clean your case. What you store your contacts in is just as important as the solution you store them in.   You should clean your contact container with hot water and let them air dry after each use.

Tip #5: Never spit or use water on your contacts. This can cause the spread of germs and microorganisms which can than cause infection.

Contacts aren’t for every body, but are great and convenient way to change up your look. However, since they actually go on to the surface of your eye, it’s important to take proper care of them in and out of the case. Follow these tips and speak to your optometrist about the best way to handle your contact lenses for happy, healthy eyes!

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