What You Should Know Before Getting Your Colored Contacts

colored contact lenses

Differences in Fit

– Although there are different sized lenses to fit most wearers, there are some occasions where the colored portion of the lens may slide over the pupil a little bit, especially when blinking.

– Also, because your pupil is constantly changing size to accommodate different light conditions, the pupil may sometimes be larger than the clear center of the lens. Your vision may slightly be affected when this happens, which is most likely to occur at night.

Caring For Colored Contact Lenses

Like with regular contact lenses, colored contact lenses have some basic cleanliness and care guidelines you should follow:

– Colored contact lenses require cleanliness and extreme care with the appropriate solution and cleansers.

– It is never a good idea to share or swap colored lenses with friends, because it can also share bacteria or infections.

Prescription Contact Lens Needs

– Colored contact lenses require a prescription from your eye doctor, even if they are nonprescription lenses.  If you see colored lenses being sold without a prescription it is most likely illegal and you should avoid those vendors and stores.

– As with any other concerns, if you have continuous issues, it is important to consult your eye doctor.

Choosing Your Colored Contact Lenses

There are some things to consider when choosing the color of your contact lenses.  You should think about how bold or different you want your color to appear.  Also, your skin tone and wearing makeup can affect how your eyes appear with the colored contact lenses.  If you want a more natural look, it is best to pick a color closer to your natural color.  However, if you want to make a statement, you can choose a more extreme option.  Your eye care professional can help make recommendations based on your desired look and results.

So if you want to change your baby blues to deep browns so you can tell people Van Morrison actually wrote that song about you, now you can.

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